Hudson River at sunset

Hudson River at sunset

Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

“A great man is always willing to be little.” 
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

I thought I would know more at thirty-one.

Looking out at the vastness of the Hudson River I find myself humbled by how little I know. The consciousness of this body of water has seen so much. This river has been flowing southward for tens of thousands of years – breathing long before it was named after the English explorer Henry Hudson.  A flowing vessel where Native Americans would fish and catch oysters … and who knows what else before that? And still the river continues to be a silent witness. Ever present. Skyscrapers grow over the decades, floor-by-floor shadowing over the city, and still the river runs by.

As a little girl I knew I didn’t know anything! I was at the mercy of the school system, my parents and society. I assumed that one-day I would know it all, like those very-together-looking adults buzzing around with rules and conviction – presumably knowing it all. I quite clearly remember thinking how good it will feel when everything has been revealed and when I will always know the right answer …

The river is gently rocking, lapping up against the pier and teasing me … and then I remember something that Maya Angelou once said in an interview with Oprah – the same force that made her, also made the rivers and the lakes and me and you. Yes.

I pay attention to the infinite wisdom of my heart. I listen. I may not always pass the test or get the answer right, but just like the Hudson River my heart is filled with endless knowledge. 

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”
― Rashmi Bansal

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