The Artist’s Way


“Creativity requires faith. Faith requires that we relinquish control.” 
― Julia Cameron

Many years ago I was a fashion designer who had a small clothing boutique.

About six months after opening my shop I had a meeting with a business developer who was helping me to brainstorm ideas to increase my sales. He asked me what item of clothing I had sold the most. It was a collection of hooded sweaters and I had sold out the entire range – about ten hot pink and black sweatshirts.

Mister Commonsense suggested that seeing as the sweaters had sold so well, it would make perfect sense to produce more. How could I not have thought of this? It was so obvious! I got to work designing and manufacturing thirty new sweatshirts of multiple designs.

Months later I put the new sweaters in my boutique to sell, eager to watch them fly out the door!

But they sat untouched for weeks …

Then months … 

Seasons passed by with almost no customer interest at all. 

I just about had to give the stubborn sweatshirts away to get them out the door! It was my first understanding of the magic and mystery of great art – the only difference between the first collection and the second was love.

The first collection of hooded sweaters was divinely inspired and created for no other purpose than an artistic expression. I had painstakingly made each one myself – figuring out how to insert reversible zippers, overseeing the printing and watching with delight as I finished each one by hand.

The second collection was a rush job, designed to be a ‘cash cow’ (the most awful expression ever) and made by a large manufacturer. There was no heart in the art – and therefore no art. The divine light and beauty that had attracted a frenzy of customers to the first collection, was totally absent in the second lot.

Mister C. had unknowingly given me a crash-course in making art: it is not rational and does not make ‘perfect sense’ – at least not in any measurable form.

When we create from a place of pure passion – free from the prison of money and expectation, we allow divine creativity to flow through us from the Creator. Everything else created, pales in comparison. Trying to work out what will sell and be the ‘next big thing’ is futile in the face of art. The ability to make great art takes letting our ego and physical reality fall away so that we can become a channel for the light. We can only make art for art’s sake! 

“The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands.” 
― Leonardo da Vinci

heartsingMy Heart Sings For great art! The healing benefits of grapefruit juice, this wonderful TED talk by author Elizabeth Gilbert about divine inspiration, peanut butter on Ezekiel bread, this beautiful limited edition Lavender Dress by Amber Whitecliffe, antique teacups 


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  1. Love it! Thanks, Juicy!

    My lentil sprouts didn’t take, btw. First time ever. It’s been years and years since the last time. Not over yet!

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